Monday, 19 October 2009

Maiden Flight

It's been a day, no a week, of close encounters. This morning with a seagull. As I was walking to the tube station on my way to college I spotted a seagull, flying really low up the middle of the road straight towards me. It was looking straight at me and I honestly thought I would have to duck to get out of its way. It swooped off to the right and circled round and then came soaring straight at me again, once again staring straight at me before swooping off the the left. It was a really surreal experience, but the look in its eyes said that it meant me no harm.

I totally forgot about it until this evening when I was chatting with a friend about how free I was feeling at present due to what God was doing in my life. I described myself as feeling like I was soaring, that was when I remembered the seagull.

God can speak to us in so many different ways - even through seagulls. Today it was as if God was saying, 'Look what I showed you last week, how free you can feel, how high you can soar in my love. In the busyness of this week don't forget what you felt last week; don't forget me'.

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