Monday, 7 May 2012

Parallel Universe Parenting

Ok, so this is what happened.

I woke on Saturday morning at around 9.30 after a lovely lie in.

Went downstairs to make a cup of tea to take back to bed and read my book.

As I walked into the kitchen I noticed it was really hot in there, the oven seemed to be on.

I looked in the oven and could see the light was on.

I then went into the lounge to find daughter no 1 sitting watching an American sitcom.

“Morning darling, what’s in the oven” I said.

“Brioche” she replied.

“But we don’t have any” I replied, knowing full well I hadn’t bought any brioche in ages.

“I made it” she replied

“You made it” I said, slightly confused.

“Yes I made it” she said

“When?” was my puzzled retort

“Last night” she said

“When last night?” was my even more puzzled reply.

We had all gone to bed at 10pm the previous evening as we were all tired, I had done my usual rounds of goodnight kisses and tucked them both in. At no point in my consciousness was brioche being made. I could feel myself beginning to slip into one of those confusing parenting moments and I was scared!

“I made it last night, Dad was there” she said

“But Dad didn’t get in until 11.30 I heard him come to bed” I said

“Yes, I was bored” she said

Ok, this is beginning to formulate in my brain, Molly, aged 17, was bored at 11.30pm, so she got up and made brioche. Ok, I can do this.

“You were bored?” I said

“Yes I was bored” she said

“Ok, that’s good” I said as I turned and left the room, “we have never made brioche before, where did you get the recipe?” Stupid question, but that happens when you are totally confused by a situation.

“Off the internet” she replied.

At this point I just felt it best to retreat back to my bed with my cup of tea, partially excited that there was warm, freshly baked brioche for breakfast, but mostly totally freaked by what had happened in the previous 10 minutes.

As I climbed back into bed, Steve came out of the bathroom.

“Darling, what time did you get in last night?”

“11.30” he replied

“Hmmm, yes I thought so. What was Molly doing when you came in?” I said

“Making brioche apparently, you should have seen the mess, there was flour and $%&* everywhere!” he laughed.

“Ok, that’s good”

“Why?” he said

“I was just a bit worried that my lie-in this morning had actually been a week rather than a couple of hours. I just wanted to check that I hadn’t been transported to some parallel universe where you put your kids to bed at 10.30 and then wake up to find they have been up all night making, proving and baking brioche because they were bored! That’s all” I said

“Good, good” was his reply, “shall I bring you some when it’s cooked?”

“Yes please, butter and jam.”