Saturday, 12 December 2009

He did it again, did we ever doubt it, if we are honest yes, purely because as humans we are getting tired as we wade through all the Christmas celebrations, however He is never tired praise God. And the results were spectacular.

Thank you Jesus for being unchanging, never ending and ever loving.

Today we saw at least one healing, many friendships made, lives changed, exciting choices made and smiles a million miles long! Because its all about Him.

He was on the amazing dinosaur bouncy slide, He ate chips out of a newspaper cone, He had his face painted, played tennis on the Wii and graciously lost at lazerquest and table football at least once! He even let someone else win 'the fastest lap'!

For me it was seeing so many people at home, relaxing in His presence. Listening to stories of boots provided by Jesus, how great it was to go to an event that wasn't all about money, Christmas hopes and dreams and stories of reconciliation.

What did you miss? You missed Winterfest at St Barnabas. So sorry you missed it, don't miss out on Springfest 2010. The most amazing team, led by Elliott and Hannah introduced Jesus to the leafy suburb of Woodside Park in a way they had not seen before or expected. Thank you guys once again for including me in the fun. God bless you both x x x