Tuesday, 23 September 2014

But it’s not in the parenting books!

Things you don't expect you would have to think about when parenting teenage daughters:

1.  Having to ask your husband to wear 'sensible/modest' pyjamas and not walk around semi naked in his own house as there are often unexpected overnight teenage female guests in the building (of which he has not been warned of prior to his coming home after a night out with the lads in the local hostelry).

2.  Remembering to lock the bathroom door when using it, it seems that not everyone has a 'if the door is shut someone is using it policy'.

3.  Realising that you too need a 'sensible/modest' range of sleepwear for those times when you wander downstairs for a drink in the night, turn the kitchen light on (if your kitchen happens to be at the front of the house) and find as you glance out the window, whilst filling your glass at the sink, that one of your daughters is at that moment being walked home by her boyfriend!  

Why does no one tell you these things!