Saturday, 25 September 2010

Precious Moments

I truly believe that each day you are a parent contains at least three or more precious moments, some that are worthy of a photograph, others that are more mundane, everyday moments yet still very precious. I know that it is at least three because there are two that happen every day without fail. The first is that moment when you see them in the morning, that first smile, kiss or hug good morning; and last of the day is the tucking into bed ritual, goodnight kiss and telling them how much you love them - both of these being truly precious moments in any parents’ day.

I figure if those are the more ‘mundane’ of precious moments then the rest of the day we should be wandering around with our camera never out of our hand to capture the more moving and exciting moments that are bound to happen. The first smile, the first word, the first lost tooth, the success or failure in a spelling test, learning how to ride a bike – the list is endless.

I have been a parent now for 5,702 days with my eldest daughter, and running concurrently, 4,973 days with my youngest, which means by my calculation I have had at least 17,106 precious moments for the eldest and 14,919 for the youngest! (Those of you who know me well know that I love photographs and do have most of those Kodak moments recorded!)

Precious parenting moment no: 17,107 happened last night. It was so unbelievably precious, my eldest who is nearly 16 fell asleep in my arms. She had had a tough day, we were lying in bed together chatting through it all, putting her life back in perspective, giving her the affirmation she needed to move on from a challenging life experience. After a while she went quiet and I lie there listening to her breathing change as she snuggled into my hug and felt so loved that she slipped off to sleep, such a precious moment that I wanted to cry. I lay there for a long time thanking God for his gift to me of such a beautiful child – and for being able to experience such love. When I thought it couldn’t get any better precious moment no: 17,108 happened this morning as I woke to find her still sleeping next to me, looking so beautiful and peaceful – truly adorable, her hair all tousled and panda eyes from party makeup.

Parenting is tough, in near rips your heart out sometimes. It’s both confusing and challenging no matter what age your children are – 5 or 45! But when rewarded with such precious moments, would any of us say we would rather not be doing it? Watch out for your three precious moments today – savour them all!

Lord, thank you so much for our children. Thank you for all those precious moments, help us to notice them all and truly appreciate them. Guide us in this minefield that is parenting and help us to raise your children and love them as much as You do. Amen.

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