Friday, 3 September 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all!
Remember the days when the New Year started on 1st January, those heady days before you had children? Now New Years Day is the 1st September (or there about) and your whole life now revolves around school terms, academic years -no longer calendar years.

Remember how the run up to New Years Day was planning whose party you were going to, what you were going to wear and which night bus you were going to get home? Now the run up to New Year is school uniform shopping, waiting in line in Clarks shoe shop and the hour long decision in WH Smith on this year’s pencil case!

Remember how New Years Eve was spent getting dolled up, getting to the party at the right time-fashionably late; and then having a great night with your mates? Now New Years Eve is packing PE kits and school bags, labelling school uniform, bath, hair wash and an early night all round!

And remember how New Years day was spent walking home in the small hours of the morning, singing at the top of your voice and then crashing into bed and sleeping all day. Now New Years day is up early, packed lunches, school jumpers, shoes on, in the car, in the playground, tears all round, then home or rush off to work and a well earned cup of tea!

Remember........................ Happy New Year to you all!

You wouldn’t have it any other way now would you?

Lord Jesus, thank you for the changes that come into our lives with the gift of children. In this busy time in the year help us to fully engage with and enjoy every moment. Amen

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